The Library Bar. A short list of literary libations

Welcome to the literary libation list. Thanks to James Baldwin. For so much, but today for his reminding us about the writer/drinking stereotype. Baldwin averred he had never met a writer who didn’t drink. Other literary gatherings may be otherwise, but I’ve been making a short list of author inspired cocktails. Welcome to the wordsmiths’ watering hole.The Library bar is open!

Emily Dickenson. Wild Nights. Crushed ice, blueberries, and cognac. In a mini ball canning jar.

Henry Miller. The Colossus. A shard of ice, a double shot of ouzo, served in a copper tinged .25 liter wine measure with a slug of tap water.

Scott Fitzgerald. The Rich and Different. Ritz diamond shaped ice cubes With Bourbon in a Tiffany julep cup. Optional mint leaves.

Homer. The darkest wine. Served in a clay pitcher. Freshly cut bay leaf wreath.

Ernest Hemingway. For whom the Bull Tolls. Chilled Bacardi nip wrapped in newspaper ( Kansas City Star if available) lime wedges on the side. Minimum serving: six. It’s a good start.

Samuel Becket. Here’s Godot! Irish whiskey, two ice cubes, in a French champagne flute with two drops of bitters.

Robert Frost. 1+1 Path. Maple syrup, California Chardonnay. ice.shavings. In two tumblers marked a and b. They’re the same. But you have to pick one.

Jack Kerouac. The Road. Mixed Six pack of brewskis (6 different types) packed for the journey in a bandanna. Only available ‘to go’.

Izak Dinesen. Into Africa. Tia Maria and cold brew espresso with a Killamanjaro of whipped cream

Nora Efron What she’s having. Strawberry granita with frozen Finlandia ice pop molded inside a banana skin

Leonard Cohen. The Marianne. Orange liquor, tea leaves and chilled rackomello in a tall narrow cobalt blue tumbler. With roasted almonds on a small thick white plate.

Margaret Atwood. The Cats eye. Canadian club, honey dipped cinnamon stick, and a lime rind twist. served either warmed or over rough chunks of ice. In a globe shaped glass.

Anton Chekov. The orchard. Stoli over six frozen pitted cherries and a splash of Perrier. Served in a Turkish tea glass set on a crocheted doily

H D Thoreau The Cabin. Pond water with moonshine home brew. In a bent tin cup.

Federico G Lorca. Duende. Red wine from a leather wine skin. Body temperature. With a red rose.

James Baldwin L’heure Blu for Mistah Jimmy. Iced Split of Moët with a scented silk camellia for your lapel.

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